Monday, November 27, 2006

Omis Fortresses

Fortress Mirabella (Peovica)

Mirabella, Romanesque fortress built in XII. century above the town. Mirabella or Peovica was a reliable hideout for the Omis pirates who used to retreat into the safety of the Cetina gorge. It is possible to see whole town of Omis from Mirabella. There are interesting story about Mirabella. In 1537 during an attack by the Turks, the defenders of Omis confused the attackers with their shouting and shots so much that the Turks overstimated the number of defenders and fled. A favourably chosen position on the tower will multiply any sound with echo, which will be aided by the river, making it impossible to locate the source of the sound. Mirabella can be reached by climbing up the stairs from Subic Street and passing by the small church if the Holy Spirit. The trip takes approximately 15 minutes.

Fortress Starigrad (Fortica)
Situated at the top of the of the hill, from where you can enjoy the magnificent view. You can see islands of Brac, Hvar, Solta, as well as Middle Poljica and the mouth of Cetina River. It can be reached climbing uphill for about 20 minutes (step mountain path). First it serve like a shelter, but in case town was souranded by enemies plan was to throw big rocks from tower down on town and enemies. In that case the enemies will be destroyed but also the town of Omis. So we have to be proud and thank the Lord that that didn't happened, because if it did happened today Omis probably will be forgotten.

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