Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Omis- a small piece of paradise

Croatia is country of exceptional beauty and with a rich cultural heritage. In this amazing part of the world, a small town of Omis stands as a symbol of perfection, courage and strenght. The exact location of Omis is where the river Cetina meets Adriatic Sea.

Historic names for Omis: Onaion, Holm, Nestos, Onemu, Olmisi, Olmissium, Almivssium, Almissa.

Omis was born as a Roman settlement; afterwards, it was ruled by Croatian Princes and it even was under Venetian rule in the year of 1444. This city is the perfect place to start the exploration of Dalamtia, the extraordinary islands situated nearby, its proud history and natural beauties.

The town-port of Omis was well known in the past because of the pirates, who built powerful ships (Sagittas) for attack and fast return into the mouth of Cetina River. Today, while you wander the narrow streets of Omis you still get the feeling that a pirate might appear every time you turn around the corner.

A beautiful Renaissance palace (HOUSE OF A HAPPY MAN) stands as one of the main attractions of the city, famous for the inscription on the lintel: "GRATIAS AGO TIBI DOMINE QUIA FUI IN HOC MUNDO" ("Thanks be to Thee o Lord, that I have lived on this Earth").

Evidence of proud and turbulent Omis history can be found on every corner of the city. The most important building in Omis is St. Peter's Church, built in the 10Th century, in 18th century it was used as Glagolithic seminary for novice priests.It is situated on the right bank of the Cetina River in the Priko neighborhood. Omis is a city full of history and the traveler cannot
stop to wonder how is it that some of fortifications (Southern town gate, a fortress and a tower) are still there.

Omis have 8 churches;

  1. Church of Sv. Mihovil ( St. Michael )
  2. Church of Sv. Duh ( Holy Ghost )
  3. Church of Sv. Petar ( St. Peter )
  4. Church of Sv. Rok ( St. Roch )
  5. Church of Sv. Luka ( St. Luke )
  6. Church of Sv. Marije ( St. Mary )
  7. Curch of Sv. Stjepan ( St. Stephen )
  8. Franciscan Monastery with Curch of Gospe od Kramela ( of our Lady of Mt. Carmel )
-and also remains of Ivan church ( St. Johns) in Borak

(the main street in Omis, street named " Fosal " leads from southern gate toward the Cetina River, on the main square you can sea parish church from 17th century( St. Michael ) with nice portal from 1621. and beautiful bell tower, also there are two paintings by the Matteo Ingoli, famous painter from Ravenna in Italy, and a Gothic wooden cross from 15Th century.
Close to the church is local museum where you can find archaeological, cultural, historical, ethnographic exhibits from the region of Omis and nearby Poljica Principality ( Poljicki Constitution ), at the end of the main street in old part of the town is Church of Holy Spirit from 16Th century, in that Church we have Renaissance wooden altar with amazing painting of Holy Spirit by Venetian painter J. Palma the Younger, next to the Church is clock tower and stairway to the upper part of the town.
Along River Cetina there is Radman family house with stone fragments from ancient times, Gothic and Renaissance, also historical artefact's).


agusrami said...

very nice omis. really a piece of paradise.i was near there is very nice. from mexico

Serverina said...

Some day I hope that I will visit your country and say the same thing like you... Thanks (-: -from Omis

QVI-XOTE said...

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Serverina said...

Dear gvi-xote, thank you for writing me... I saw your blog also, but I don't understand your language, sorry... (-: Well, as you cann see my region is Dalmacija, south part of Croatia, everything you want to know about that just ask me... Asta la vista...

agusrami said...
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agusrami said...

hi serverina

agusrami said...

i was in medugorje one month ago. It was really nice. Croatia is very nice, nice, exciting: the mountains are beautiful. I cross by omis, i i think: "it's paradise". I am sure when you visit mexico you are goig to say very good things. Also my country is very very nice. When you want to come here you can do it. I can help you to stay here. There isn't problem. Really when you want you can do it. Ciao serverina.

agusrami said...

hi my friend serverina i hope you are fine. Ciao. agustin from mexico bye. have a nice week.

Serverina said...

hi augustin from mexico, I am fine, thank you for asking, how are you? (-: serverina from dalmacija :-P

agusrami said...

hi serverina from dalmacija. i am fine. thank's. now i am working, i make tv spots,publicity. I'm locutor (I put my voice in the spots on tv.)It's interesting, but now the work is a little dificult, but i hope goes better in the next weeks. I don't have my blog yet,but i'll do it. I 'll tell you when i finish. I wanted to send you some information of my country. I send you my mail, if you want you can give me your mail to send you information. filoagus50@hotmail.com Have a nice week serverina¡¡ Ciao bambina. (You can visit mexico when you want, it will be nice to receive you) Ciao.

agusrami said...

serverina: Have nice, nice Christmas days and happy new year 2007. I wish you all the best things in your life. You know you have a friend in Mexico.

Serverina said...

hi agustin... thx for nice wishes...
also I wish u have warm and wonderful Christmas... (-:

nedcro said...

hi there Omis,

it looks you've not been publishing a lot lately.

I would like to be in cotnact with you, as we share the same (sort of) love.

You for Omis, we for Svinisce, just on the other side of Omiska Dinara.

Ja sam Nizozemac, my wife 50% Croatian.

Pozdravi, Pim.

Anonymous said...

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