Friday, January 12, 2007

Traditional Festival of the Dalmatian klapas in Omis

"Klapa" is a group of male or female singers who sing in a special way( a Capella ) , typical for Dalmatia. In 1967. the first "klapa" Festival in Omis took place. Traditionally, the ensemble consist only of male voices, but nowadays we witness the emergence of many mixed and female ensembles with varying number of members.
"Klapa" songs have slow, free rhythm and are often without any measure mark ( libero ). Sometimes it even includes complex measures. The songs are usually quite serenade, like love songs, however marry and satirical songs also exist. Festival grown into a cultural institution of great importance and reputation. It took place every summer in july, whole july.
The "klapa" singing has very long tradition, sang by fisherman and peasants, it leaves the listeners astonished by the a beauty of their voices, expressing the true heart and soul of Dalmatian people. They sang and they still sing in "konoba"s ( a room on the ground floor in a typical Dalmatian house ), after hard day's work.
Singing took place on two of three beautiful square in old part of town. Those who have not experienced traditional Festival of Dalmatian klapas in Omis it can hardly imagine it.

My favorite "klapa" is male "klapa" called Trogir. :-)

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