Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring in my litlle town Omis

Springtime Song

My eyes can see it springtime, it's springtime, its springtime.
My eyes can see it springtime, the grass is so green!
The green grass, the flowers, the sunshine and showers.
My eyes can see it's springtime, and I am so glad.

My ears can hear its springtime, its spring time, its springtime.
My ears can hear its springtime, the birds sweetly sing.
The bird sing, the lamb bleat the frogs croak, the bees buzz.
My ears can hear it's springtime, and I am so glad.

My body can feel its springtime,its springtime, its springtime.
My body can feel its springtime, the air is so warm.
The warm air, the breezes, no frost and no freezes.
My body can feel its springtime, and I am so glad.

song for children by Nicole H.

What trip to take in springtime when you are in Omis?

A visit to the Cetina River beyond Omis is worth the trip, especially to the destinations of Radmanove Mlinice and the Gubavica waterfalls (Velika and Mala Gubavica).
Radmanove Mlinice are located 7 km up to the canyon of Cetina River. It is an excursion, picnic place famous for bread baked under the lid of iron (we called it "peka") and for fresh trout.
Nearby Radmanove Mlinice you can visit so-called "Islands of Love", pleasure for vacationers and you can reach them with motor boats, they can be rented at the bridge of Cetina River, also larger groups can rented bigger boat and if you do that then captain Vlaho, my good friend can take you to the Radmanove Mlinice and also to the Kastil Slanica.
Slanica is classic restau
rant that offers local specialties (frog,Eal, trout) and there you can also rafts and play numerous games.
Omis and Cetina River is great place for those who loves active holiday (rafting, free climbing, fishing, canyoning, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, paragliding, diving).

More about active holiday in Omis you can find down on this page or here.

Also you can make trip from Omis to:
  1. National Park Krka
  2. National Park Plitvice Lakes
  3. Zadar
  4. Sibenik
  5. Salona
  6. Split
  7. Trogir
  8. Dubrovnik
  9. Imotski
  10. Mostar
  11. Medjugorje
  12. Island Brac (fish picnic )
  13. Island Hvar ( fish picnic )
- you can have oenoligical and gastrological trips and that kind of trip take place in the close hinterland of Omis on the territory of the ancient Principality of Poljica, that trips are characterized by the atmosphere of relaxation, dishes you will never have the chance to taste elsewhere, genuine folk music, old recipes, home-made aperitifs and excellent home-made wine

- wine roads, trips to vineyard areas of the Imotski region where you can taste autochtone vine sorts and enjoy in hospitality of people who live and work there

- trip to Vranjaca Cave, discovered in 19Th century, contain two halls, it is 107m deep and 360m long with constant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, the other hall is discovered in 1903 and it contains nine smaller halls abounding with stalactites, stalagmites, columns and arcades, do not miss opportunity to take a peek into the cave and see unusual decorations of the underground world

trip to Blaca Monestery ( Desert Blaca ), situated on the island of Brac,between Bol and Milna, Glagolitic Monestery and even astronomical observatory, first it was shelter of hermits of Poljica ( about principality of Poljica you can read litlle bit up on this page ), it has great monumental value and you just have to see it


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