Thursday, September 21, 2006

Active Holiday and the call of Cetina

The smell of the river Cetina with its high crabs, clear water and intact nature is a truly paradise on earth and a call for active tourists, who search unforgettable adventures.
Ecological tourism and extreme sports are unique and part of the tourist offer of the Cetina Region.

Rafting In Omis , a 3-4 hour adventure on the river Cetina with experienced skipper could make your vacation unforgettable, and those who try descending down the river and passing of the canyons with kayak, they always want to return to Croatia's most beautiful river. Children aged 10 and up can also participate but only accompanied by their parents. You don't have to be in top form but you have to paddle. You will sea many waterfalls and lakes, crabs high 170 m, unique waterfall Gubavica... Swimming and going throught tunnels is also possible. Route is 9 km long which ends in a restaurant called Radmanove Mlinice.

Free Climbing In Omis, more and more popular at the river Cetina. There are several paths for climbers in the crags and therefore Omis became the second center for this sport in Croatia after the National Park Paklenica. Over 40 routs with 7 climbing sites, in close proximity to the town.

Fishing In Omis, Croatia's rivers and lakes are amongst the cleanest in the world and as a consequence are well stocked with trout and course fish. Cetina river is very beautiful, so if you haven't had a lucky day fishing, you will at least have had a very plea sen day out.

Canyoning in Omis, for thousands of years Cetina river has shaped the canyon creating wondrous shapes in the rocks of its basin. A clear and clean river pleasant for bathing, cliffs up to one hundred and eighty metres in height, waterfalls, underwater tunnels, lakes, the fifty metre high Gubavica waterfall and the humming of the river which becomes louder and louder will allow you to experience the true power and beauty of nature.

Canoeing in Omis , be a participant of an exciting and attractive meeting with Cetina river. Because of its wild nature and constant rearing, this river was called Horse River in the Ilirian time. Immerse yourself in the charms of that beautiful and unpredictable Dalmatian river. Canoeing route is around 8 km long and passes through the deeply cut-in canyon, with numerous rapids and small waterfalls in an untouched virgin landscape.


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