Thursday, September 07, 2006

About Omis

Omis is enchanting little town, distinguished by interesting history and peculiar position, situated at the very mouth of the gorgeous Cetina River, gives a unique feeling to each traveller.
Beside famed Mediterranean charm that attracts people since ancient times, which is typical for all small Dalmatian towns, here one can also sense continental spirit brought out by the river.
This blending of the sea and river, the blue and green, wild and pleasant, makes Omis is so unique and interesting to visitors.
We believe that there are only a few people who were on their way from Split to Makarska or Dubrovnik, who resided in Omis and didn't wish to return.
It impresses everybody with its specialties: the powerful rocks, which surrounded it like wings andquard it since centuries, and the old town which is pressed below it is unique historical treasure.


makaranin said...

Hi serverina, very nice blog layout!! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This little town is near to my heart! I hope to see updates soon and also pictures of Omis in winter. :)