Thursday, September 21, 2006

River Cetina

(It is the biggest river in middle Dalmatia and 105 km long. It sources in the village with the same name, 7 km, away from the city Vrlilka. It flows below the mountain Dinara, along the field of Sinj, and more lively cross the town picturesque Trilj, the Dalmatian country side zagora, and flows very restless in the Adriatic Sea at the city Omis. The surrounding is very clear and non polluted and therefore the river Cetina is popular among the lovers of adventure tourism. rafting, canyoning, climbing on crags, driving bicycle. Those who enjoy to walk and to discover natural beauties such as very picturesque waterfall Gubavica (48m high) will be completely satisfied).

The Cetina managed it, although it is a karts river, to interrupt at the grey rocks the mountains Dinara and Mosor and create an impressive canyon on its way. You should climb on the top of the Canyons to look on the Cetina and the sea and to wish to return. The town Omis owes its river everything what it was, what it is and what it will be: once it was a secure shelter for pirate ships and today it is a tourist pearl. A big amount of drinking water and the wealth of plants attracted the people already in the old times to settle here. The rocks, which can't be conquered, have been an ideal place for the building of numerous fortresses which defended the town, but about them little bit later.

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