Friday, September 08, 2006

Omis Pirates

Since the time of the Roman Oneum to the pirates on the "Adratic way" the town lived with an intensive life.
The wars and the trade determined the centuries and influenced the destiny of the population.
After the break of the Medieval Croatian State the pirate hood experienced a new development and the inhabitants of Omis got their bad reputation, which will follow them for a long time.
The historical documents are full of quotes about pirates.
The Popes, Venetians and the citizens of Split upraised against the pirates, but for a long time without success.
Omis pirates were extremely dangerous, especially under rule of powerful Omis rulers - dukes Kacic.
In that time Omis was known as dangerous nest of the pirates, as they were Saracens on Mediterranean Sea or Tatars on Black Sea.

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