Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cultural and historical monuments in Omis

I already wrote about some cultural and historical monuments in my town but
Repetito Est Mater Studiorum (-: .

You can see Fortress Mirabella from 13Th century and Fortress Fortica from 15Th century, I wrote about that two fortresses; until 19Th century town has walls , which enclosed the town from three sides, while from the north it was defended by mountain, most part of that walls was destroyed in 19Th century; the old part of town is made of stone houses, typical houses in Dalmacija, and they are linked by narrow streets we called that streets "kale" and squares, there are three squares in Omis; on main square is parish church of Sv Mihovil (St Micahael) from 1604 and it replaced the medieval church because it become too small for citizens of Omis, so they built new, aisled and more spacious church with presbytery, the construction of belfry, which is rising above the rock behind the main parish curch in Omis had started built in 1720, and was completed in 1724, St Michalel church is combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, while portal is one of the most interesting art achievements in Dalmacija in that time, expression of of folk mannerism, the most valuable and famous are four altar pale:
  1. Descent of the Holy Ghost
  2. Sv Stjepan Prvomucenik (St. Stephan)
  3. Our Lady of Ruzarje and Our Lady with Child
  4. Sv Juraj (St George)
  5. Sv Jelena (St Helena)
-they were made by Venetian artist Palmo Junior

I also already wrote that Omis has 8 churches and Francais Monestary from 18Th century, that monastery has great collection of art, great library with archives that contains Turkish documents and as a child I just to sing there on Christmas time (-:

Omis is genuine tourist pearl in Croatia, Dalmacija.
Omis have interesting history, clean and fresh air, intact nature, 105 kilometres of the green Cetina River, the clean sea with breathtaking sandy and pebble beaches and healthy way of life is our reality.

Come and see for yourselves...

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