Monday, April 16, 2007

How to reach my litlle town Omis

Omis is situated in the heart of Dalmatia, 25 km south from Split, between Riviera of Split and Riviera of Makarska.

How to come?

  • by car (freeway A1 Zagreb-Split, highway D8 Rijeka-Split)
  • by plane (airport is 45km north-west faraway from Omis with organized bus transfer from Airport to the city of Split, to reach Omis from Split you can use local bus lines)
  • by ship (daily connection with Ancona and Rijeka)
  • by train (daily connection with Zagreb and further into European capitals)

More information about transportation:
Split Bus Terminal
Split International Airport

Dial 987 for road asistance
Info Centar: 01/ 4640 800

p.s. to enter Croatia, a driver's licence, an automobile registration card and vehicle insurance documents including Green Card are required

Permitted Speeds:

  1. 50km/h within built-up areas
  2. 90km/h outside built-up areas
  3. 110km/h on major motor routes
  4. 130km/h on motorways
  5. 80km/h for motor vehicles with caravan trailers
  6. 80km/h for buses and buses with a light trailer

Rain: Please adjust speed to condition on wet roads
Driving with headlights is obligatory during both night and day
Mobile Phones: Use of mobile phones while driving is not permitted
Maximum permitted amount of alcohol in blood is 0.0 per mill !!!
Use of seat belts is obligatory

I wish you nice and safe journey and hoping for seeing you in Omis (-:


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