Thursday, April 12, 2007

More about history of Omis

According description of Skilak's Periplus ( 4Th century BC ) an Illyrian tribe Nesti lived alongside of Nestos River, today we called that river Cetina River. At that time of domination of the Illiryan tribe Dalmati and the Roman administration, the tribe Nesti changed name into Onestini, settlement was called Oneum.

We can presume that at first Oneum ( Omis ) was Greek colony and then Roman colony. Roman historian Pliny the Elder mentions independet fortifications Oneum, Petunij and Nareste, today Podstrana and Jesenice.
Today, Omis is litlle town with 10 000 inhabitants at the mouth of Cetina River, and 17 000 inhabitants of the whole administrative territory of the town, that includes Upper, Middle and the part of Lower Poljica as well as eastern coastal are from Nemira to Dubci.

In the Middle Age it was dangerous pirate nest, I wrote about that in the beginning of this blog.(-:
In spite of various alliances against
Omis pirates, including the Pope, Venice, Split and Dubrovnik, it was not until 1444 that Venice managed to capture the old town of pirates. At that very early date neighbours of corsairs of Omis was highlanders of the Poljica Principality and they become allies, enabling them to harasses the sea trade without fear of sudden attack by land. In that time, the danger from the Turks became more and more serious, yet, despite the fact that Turks conquered nearby hinterland Omis had never fallen into their hands, thanks to OMIS CORSAIRS.

" It is not because
I love the Cetina River;
but, such a town
I have never seen.
O my God- the Cetina! "

(by Josip Pupacic)


Unknown said...

your country is very very beaultiful...
how is this in your language?

Serverina said...

ooooo (-:, thank you, do yo mean how this song goes on my language.... it goes :

"Nije to zato
što Cetinu volim;
ali, ovakvoga grada
još nisam vidio.
Bože moj, -Cetina!"

(Josip Pupačić)

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